New Years Day Appetizer

Hotwings!¬†They’re like the best finger food and appetizer, and I’m never disappointed when I order them. I’ve always wanted to try making these on my own, but I’ve never worked up the nerve until now. Shelly found a couple versions that sounded interesting, but we both agreed that we really didn’t want to deep fry them. Here’s the recipe that we tried:

Baked “Buffalo” Hot Wings Recipe

We made a half batch of the breaded version, and here’s the end result:


They came out perfectly, and went really well with the homemade blue cheese dip that Shelly made (also quite amazing). I added carrots and celery. Hotwings in general are not particularly healthy, so I don’t see any reason I would make these again. Though, if I’d make them again, it would be for a potluck or having friends and family visit, and likely be the non-breaded version.¬†




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