Holiday dinner menu!

It’s really nice to have a traditional Thanksgiving Day meal with a giant turkey and all the fixings, but it’s really easy to burn out over all the turkey leftovers by the time Christmas rolls around (especially when cooking for 2 with an 18 pound turkey). A few years ago, Shelly and I decided to try something different for our Christmas holiday dinner menu. Chinese food! Mmm. Naturally, there’s a bit of challenge to making new recipes, and there’s also a hit-or-miss element to the process (I’m looking at you, yellow thai curry!), but we’ve been really happy with the results overall, and continue to try new ones. 

So, here’s the main menu for Christmas 2016:

Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Chinese BBQ Pork (Cha Siu)

The BBQ Pork is used in the following:

Chinese BBQ Pork Buns (Cha Siu Bao)

Banquet Fried Rice

And an all new one for us:

General Tso’s Chicken!

The Best General Tso's Chicken Recipe


…looks a bit Atkins. There’s a bit more than that…I promise!

I hope that everyone has a warm, safe, and happy holiday weekend. I’ll see about posting pictures!

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